3 Deep-Cleansing Devices That Will Have Your Skin Glowing


It is officially summer in New York City, so you know what that means: hot, humid, sticky air. While no other city quite compares to summertime in the Big Apple, the weather can be detrimental to our skin. The hot humid heat, more often than not, leads to sweaty clogged pores.  How can you combat clogged pores and make sure your face glows all summer long? A deep cleansing brush will surely do the trick.

This summer use technology to your advantage and modernize your beauty routine with a cleansing brush. By adding the handheld device to your routine, especially in the summer, you help keep your pores cleaner than ever before. Cleansing brushes are the perfect devices to rid the skin of any leftover residue as well as minimize the appearance of pores by removing all sebum and impurities. More importantly, these innovative devices are good for increasing circulation and revealing a softer skin texture.  So walk out of the dark ages and join Haute Living in the golden ages of beauty and technology with our three favorite deep cleansing handheld devices.

Le Mieux Skin Perfecter: $189

SkinPerfecter White BG

This ultrasonic, professional beauty tool combines four skin treatments into one tool to deep cleanse, exfoliate, extract and infuse serums and other topical treatments for smoother, healthier-looking skin. Professional-strength ultrasonic waves gently and visibly improve lines and wrinkles, pores, texture, clarity and smoothness after every treatment. Non-invasive, rechargeable and never requires a replacement brush, cartridge, or disc.

How it works?

Once the device is powered on, to get a deep cleanse, hold the unit with the tip of spatula angled down. Keeping face wet, gently glide the spatula outward and upward over your face, nose and neck. To apply a serum of your choice, hold the unit tip of the spatula flat against the skin. Move the spatula gently against the skin outward and upward over your face, nose and neck.

Philosophy Purity Device: $99

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 2.08.32 PM

Paired with the award-winning purity made simple facial cleanser, the all-in-one purity cleansing device delivers 10,000+ vibrations per minute help to lift away impurities while providing a gentle facial massage. The hygienic silicone tips move easily over facial contours— even hard to reach areas.

How it works?

Push down on the lever on the right side to dispense purity made simple cleanser. Then push top black button to turn device on apply to wet skin and rotate in small circular motions all over face and neck for 60 seconds. Use the bottom black button to adjust the speed level based on your desired level of massage.

DDF Revolve 500x Micro-Polishing System (Micro-Derma & Daily Cleansing System): $79

deep cleansing brush

The DDF Revolve delivers dermatologist-grade microdermabrasion and deep cleansing system to ensure radiant skin. The device boasts a unique continuous-rotating motion. The delicate foam head works with gentle exfoliating sodium crystals to polish away blemishes as well as roughness, instantly minimize the appearance of pores and even skin tone. Start slowly once every other week, working up to once per week on non-consecutive days.

How it works?

For this daily exfoliation, choose from nine personalized treatment modes for your unique skin. An ultra-soft foam head works with gentle exfoliating sodium crystals, rotating against your skin. The intensity is normal, but can be increased as skin permits.