This Is How DOSA Fillmore Keeps it Fresh in the Bay Area

The "Step Curry"
The “Steph Curry”

You may not be able to score a ticket to the NBA playoffs to watch the league MVP, but you can dine with the champ any night of the week at DOSA Fillmore. DOSA’s most popular drink is the award-winning ‘Steph Curry,’ created by DOSA ’s mixologist as an homage to the star’s stunning innovations on the court. Made with Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon, curried nectar, spiced agave, lime juice and Tempranillo, the delicious concoction may as well inspire supernatural half court shots of your own.

Originality is a cornerstone of DOSA and a key aspect to the restaurant’s ongoing success. With excellent culinary choices on every SF corner, and new spots continually cropping up, options are plentiful and allegiances are constantly modified. So how do DOSA co-owners, husband and wife team Anjan and Emily Mitra keep things fresh, ensuring a top spot on the SF restaurant radar for more than seven years? Answer: With ingenuity, passion, and the following.

Amazing Cocktails

Spice Route Spring Cocktails
Bali Hai (far left), Forbidden City (upfront), Marbella (far back), Morjim Goa (to the right)

Spring is in the air, and DOSA’s mixologists pay tribute with new cocktails that provide a nod to exotic Southern Asia locales. The Morjim Goa (a famous resort beach in Southern India), features extremely rare Hacienda Sotol, a tequila/mescal hybrid, and Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro, finished with an Indian twist of house-made Garam Masala Air. The Bali Hai (named for the famed mythical volcanic Polynesian Island) marries Encanto Pisco and pineapple shrub with house-made spiced agave, bird’s eye chile, fresh lemon, and a float of Fort Point Park. The Forbidden City (the former location of Bejing’s Chinese Imperial Palace) contains Bombay Sapphire East gin, house-made Chinese Five Spice agave, Luxardo apricot liqueur, crème de gingembre, fresh lemon juiceand a house-made chile tincture. Finally, the Marbella (named for the famed Spanish beach) features a combination of Rittenhouse Rye, Amaro Montenegro, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, Cannella cinnamon liqueur and Fees Bros West Indies orange bitters.

Fabulous Food


Whether you are an Indian food connoisseur or a neophyte, DOSA’s vast menu of authentic South Indian cuisine ensures something for everyone, and knowledgeable waiters will help you navigate the choices. Trust in them, and reap the flavorful benefits. The menu explores all regional dishes of Southern India (especially non-vegetarian options) including dosas (similar to a stuffed crepe), a savory rice and lentil crepes and uttapam, a slightly thicker pancake-style variation of the dosa, with a variety of savory toppings. Both the dosa and uttapam are served with fresh coconut & tomato chutneys and sambar, a flavorful lentil dipping soup with vegetables and spices. The dessert menu changes seasonally and features South Indian flavor profiles such as the Fresh Coconut Custard Cake infused with curry leaves and the Rasmalal, sweet cheese patties with cream, cardamom and rose water.


Dosa 2

DOSA Fillmore is a cool place to hang out. The hip and contemporary environment reflects the Mitra’s mutual admiration of San Francisco and South Indian culture. The light-filled corner building with floor- to-ceiling windows has an open airy feel and a stunning mezzanine level. Recessed walls on the main dining floor feature Mary Brogger’s ‘steel fabrics’ inspired by Indian patterns. Rich-wood ensconced columns divide the main dining room creating intimate spaces. On the walls are vivid, photo- journalistic shots by local photographer, Anthony Kurtz and Olivier Follmi illustrating the lives of native Indians. The custom bar top is made of recycled glass, mother-of-pearl,and mirrors – a perfect spot for your next date with ‘Steph Curry.’


DOSA Fillmore
1700 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 441-3672