Burberry Creates Ideal Mr. Burberry with Director Steve McQueen

Josh Whitehouse and Amber Anderson

This a new short film by Oscar-winning director and Turner prize-winning artist, Steve McQueen, is how Burberry is launching its Mr. Burberry men’s fragrance. McQueen has broken the mold of most fragrance commercials, which are always sexy, but rarely make sense, with a romantic London hotel stay by a sophisticated couple.

Getting the English director for the campaign was a BIG deal as this was his first commercial ever.  “Christopher’s enthusiasm is infectious and that’s what attracted me into working with him on the Mr. Burberry project,” explains McQueen. “I wanted to convey the idea of two people who are passionately in love, and go off on a dirty weekend. It’s that moment in a relationship where all you are thinking about is each other, and all you want is to be with each other.”

The actor who plays Mr. Burberry is a young actor by the name of Josh Whitehouse, who has been called “the new Eddie Redmayne.” The moniker is no accident as Redmayne got his first big break also in a campaign for the British brand.

Whitehouse clearly had great chemistry with his co-star Amber Anderson who plays the object of his desire. “She’s a brilliant actress, so shooting the campaign was an absolute delight,” said Whitehouse. “I was so comfortable on set. We were all on the same page…Between all of us, we were able to share a vision and I’m really proud of what we were able to achieve.”

The fragrance is supposed to bottle the essence of London and have notes of citrus like grapefruit, vetiver and smokey guaiac wood. While perfume ads can’t really give one a sense of what a fragrance actually smells like, this one makes you feel classy and sexy at the same time – quite a feat indeed. Get your bottle customized with three initials by ordering online here.