Spring Cleaning, Spring Slimming


Not too long ago I wrote piece discussing an observation ubiquitous in the plastic surgery world, which is the Seasonality of Plastic Surgery. There are undoubtedly trends throughout the year when we find patients seeking specific types of surgical procedures. Spring is hallmarked by many changes around us. There are certainly the obvious environmental changes with warmer weather and more sun leading to scaling back on your Loro Piana trench or Zegna topcoat. Shedding those lovely layers of warm clothing undoubtedly sends a shockwave through most individuals’ systems when they realize what they have been covering up…months of slowly accumulating winter weight. As we note summer is approaching, the late winter and spring spawns new gym memberships and new consultations at the plastic surgeon’s office. We spring clean and attempt to spring slim.

The interest in breast and body contouring surgery surges undoubtedly from wanting to look our best and get our “beach bodies” ready. We don less layers and are excited to bathe in the sun (healthy amounts only and with high SPF sunblock, ALWAYS). This spring, the requests are pouring in from patients expressing the desire to undergo: breast augmentation, liposculpting/liposuction, tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, and CoolSculpting. All of these procedures share one thing in common: cosmetic transformation of the torso. In the quest to look our best, there are a few special considerations one must take into account.

  1. Safety first. It seems like you cannot go an hour without seeing a commercial for some new “quick fix” for a cosmetic concern. Though science is catching up with our imagination, trust your care to healthcare providers who are well known authorities in the field of your procedure. More importantly, trust in the procedure you are seeking. Make sure new technology or injectables are FDA cleared and/or approved.
  1. Hit the gym. If it took you a few months to put on a few pounds, it will only take you a few months to take them off. Reserve surgical procedures like liposuction for those hard to shed fat cells that were around even when you trained for the New York City Marathon. Liposuction/Smart Lipo/Liposculpting/Hi Def Lipo are all rooted in the same tenet: safely and carefully reveal muscle definition covered up by the hard to shed fat. Don’t get me wrong, the procedure works great when performed properly and in the right individual.
  1. Don’t Rush. As plastic surgeons, it is our responsibility to understand where the patient’s drive for a procedure comes from and why there is urgency. When I speak with patients during a consultation, I always remind them, “This is a no judgment zone. I just want to understand how long you have been thinking about this change and why now?” Don’t rush into a procedure because it is the new fad. Years ago, large breast implants were all the rage. “Bigger is better,” was the mantra that countless patients lived by when discussing the implant sizes they wanted. Now, the same patients along with many others are looking to downsize their breasts for a myriad of reasons. Right now, butt lifts aka Brazilian Butt lifts (BBL) aka fat transfer aka buttock augmentations are in vogue.

This spring while you get your beach body ready, pay a visit to your trainer; pay a visit to your nutritionist. Be mindful of the changes you choose to make and why you want them. Reserve the services of your plastic surgeon when all else fails. We are always available to help you get your beach body ready.