Haute 100: Spotify Has How Many Paid Subscribers?


Haute 100 lister Daniel Ek has announced via social media his music streaming service Spotify has 30 million paid subscribers. In a Tweet, Ek wrote, “We have 30 million @Spotify subscribers, but none of them are in Cuba … yet. So cool to see Cuba opening up!”

This is the first user update since June 2015. Last year the Spotify team announced its 20 million-subscriber milestone via a blog post. They wrote, “What a difference a year makes! At the end of May 2014, we reached 10 million paying subscribers and 40 million active users. Today, we have reached more than 20 million subscribers and more than 75 million active users. 10 million subscribers in our first five and a half years – and another 10 million subscribers in just a single year! That’s an average of one new subscriber every three seconds over the last year. Wow. And, more people listening on Spotify means more payouts to the creators of the music you love.  As we grow, the amount of royalties we pay out to artists, songwriters and rights holders continues to climb faster than ever. We have now paid more than $3 billion USD in royalties,including more than $300 million in the first three months of 2015 alone. That’s good for music, good for music fans … and good for music makers.”

Spotify, which was founded in 2006, is now adding an average of 10 million paid customers a year.

Most recently, the music streaming service announced Spotify Premium subscribers in the U.S. can now enjoy listening to their favorite tunes on Amazon Echo. The company said, “Just ask Alexa to play any playlist (Alexa, play my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify), artist (Alexa, play David Bowie on Spotify) genre and more from Spotify’s catalog. And because Echo supports Spotify Connect, you can effortlessly transfer and control your listening experience from the Spotify app to Echo — listen to Spotify through headphones on the walk home, then ask Alexa to play Spotify when you walk in the door to continue listening to your music on Echo.”

If you’re interested in trying Spotify Premium, new users can try it for free for 30 days by visiting:www.spotify.com/premium.