SF: 5 Reasons Coi Will Render You Speechless

Daniel Patterson could not have picked a more apropos name when he opened his venerable San Francisco restaurant Coi in 2006. Pronounced ‘kwa,’ the moniker‘s French to English translation is ‘speechless,’ and that is exactly the state in which many diners have found themselves after enjoying a stunning meal at this haute jewel of tranquility and artful gastronomy.

Though still under the umbrella of the Daniel Patterson Group (DPG), the two-Michelin starred Coi recently became new executive chef Matthew Kirkley’s baby. Formerly of L20 in Chicago (also with two Michelin stars), Kirkley brings to Coi a similar culinary aesthetic to that of Patterson, but with his own twist. While Patterson’s dishes focused heavily on vegetables, Kirkley is creating a shrine to ‘modern seafood’ where the translation of the restaurant’s name continues to reflect diners’ awestruck experiences. Here are five reasons a meal at Coi might leave you slightly tongue-tied: