Frigo Founder and CEO Mathias Ingvarsson’s Desktop Essentials


If you’ve ever wondered where CEOs come up with their million and billion dollar ideas, you’re in luck. This week we’ve featured Mathias Ingvarsson, the founder and CEO of RevolutionWear Inc,  the creator of FRIGO, a line of luxury, high-tech, patented undergarments for men. Ingvarsson, the former Vice President and European Director of Tempur-Pedic, brought together four of the world’s biggest stars, Derek Jeter, 50 Cent, Carmelo Anthony and Timbaland as powerhouse partners in the brand. As he also did with Tempur-Pedic transforming it into global phenomenon, Ingvarsson ensures that only top tier materials are used combined with high-end technology in the FRIGO collection. The innovative entrepreneur is constantly developing and expanding the portfolio with ever evolving luxurious styles and materials so that men keep discovering comfort and performance levels never experienced before. Ingvarsson also recently announced the launch of the FRIGO® licensing division with an $80 million agreement, which will expand the brand even further. Ingvarsson is also the co-founder and CEO of Litteraturum AB, a company created to challenge the monopoly that existed in Sweden for the sale of college textbooks. He held various positions within TempurPedic, ultimately acting as Vice President and European Director, and overseeing over 30 countries in total. Mr. Ingvarsson holds a Bachelor of Business and Economics degree from Vesalius College in Belgium, and has also attended Boston University and Bentley College in the U.S. Here are his desktop essentials.


A Book 
Currently it’s Malcolm Gladwell’s book, David and Goliath.  I discovered his interesting perspective and motivating concepts when I read The Tipping Point so I had to read this one.
Extra passport.  
I always travel with a minimum of 2 passports to ensure a save entrance and more importantly, an exit!
My lucky stone. 
Does it work? I have no idea but it’s not working against me! It was given to me by a holy man (I think we all are but this person was even more so he claimed) and so far it has been a very lucky stone
My dog. If everyone had someone as happy as he is to see me, the world would be a superb place. No matter how late I  get back (sometime weeks later than planned due to meetings and business rescheduling), he is thrilled to see me
My 2 Daughters
When I have to do the boring and mundane tasks such as budgeting and reporting, I remind myself that I do it for them
Family Photo From St Barths
Family first and also a reminder of how nice it is to cash out on the hard work and be on St Barth’s sipping gin & tonics for a while
Note book and Pen.
ALWAYS WITH ME. On the desk or when I travel.  An idea pops up and I have to be able to write it down instantly without reaching for my computer. If I don’t put it down it might be gone forever. 90% of the ideas I put down are rubbish, 5% are impossible but the remaining 5% could be the difference between success and failure
Travel Dental Soap Kit
Always one on the desk in case I need to travel or go directly from a plane to the office.
Latest Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalogue
To keep me updated on what’s the latest in fashion. I think they have the classiest with combination newest fashion there is.  It’s also a reminder that Frigo should one day be the gift of the year….trip to the moon or march in your nano tech fabric Frigo next year?
Paper work
There is always a stack of paper that I try to work down biweekly.  A desk that is totally paper free is fake; a small token of insanity and lack of success!