5 Hautest Steakhouses in Dallas

We love our steaks here in Dallas -- here's a list of our top 5.
We love our steaks here in Dallas — here’s a list of our top 5.

Photo Credit: Al Biernat’s

Think of food that’s associated with Texas and most people will say either Tex-Mex or steak. There is nothing as good as a thick, juicy steak with those sexy grill marks and a pat of butter melting on the top and sliding slowly down the sides. Add a baked potato, a salad, and some bread and most Texans will be more than happy. If you can put a good dessert on the table too?

So much the better.

There are many good steakhouses in the area but we were looking for those that really stood out in the areas of service, ambiance and, of course, really incredible steak. To make the list the restaurant had to be a place we’d go for a business dinner as well as a place we’d choose for a romantic evening. If you happen to be looking for any kind of romantic evening at all you’ll be wise to stay away from the Tex-Mex and head for one of these steakhouses in DFW.