Dine Like Dior At The Plaza Athénée During Paris Fashion Weeks

Plaza Athénée Paris

Do you adore all things Dior? If you do, have we got good news for you! Now not only can you wear, smell and breathe Dior, you can also eat it. For two upcoming Paris Fashion Weeks the luxury couturier is curating a five star dinner menu lead by none other than Alain Ducasse.

Christian Dior’s favorite hotel was the iconic Plaza Athénée. It was his home base in Paris, and a source of inspiration throughout his life. Dior loved the hotel so much that he named one of his dresses Plaza after the hotel. It was also used as a major point of influence when creating the now legendary Bar suit. This lifelong love and partnership between Christian Dior and Plaza Athénée continues to manifest in the most wonderful ways. It comes as no surprise that Dior would pick the hotel as the venue for their new culinary conquest.

Such a haute menu could only be carried out by Alain Ducasse, one of the world’s most celebrated chefs. He is one of the only culinary talents to hold a three star Michelin rating, which he received for the incredible Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester. Under Ducasse’s guidance, Chef Philippe Marc has come up with a delectable menu. He drew inspiration from Dior’s favorite cookbook: La Cuisine Cousu-main. You can expect to indulge in some of Dior’s favorite eats like “Turbot à la champenoise” and “Kalouga chocolat-café-mangue.”

The Dior dining experience will be available for the upcoming fashion weeks on January 24-28th and March 1-9th. Take the opportunity to get a glimpse inside of the fantasy world that was and is Christian Dior.

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