13 Jewelry Pieces That Will Light Up Your Winter

We know you’re a social butterfly, and it’s no surprise that with all the holiday celebrations coming up you will need some new jewelry to spice up your party look! Because we care, we have here a collection of the season’s hottest diamonds and gems in a variety of festive tones and paired with an array of different materials. In a vibrant palette of deep reds, magical violets and dark greens, I bet you know what our inspiration was: Christmas! There is of course a selection of shimmering clear diamonds as well as some more discreet options, in case you are not the flashy type.

Our featured designers: Lydia Courteille, Antonini, Carrera y Carrera, Bavna, Erica Courtney and Sutra show us that luxury and beauty come in many forms. Using rose gold, white gold and an assortment of different precious stones and diamonds, they each create wearable art pieces in their own unique way.

Diamonds go with everything, but for the blood red pieces such as Lydia’s “Scarlet Empress” ring and earrings and Sutra’s earrings and necklace, we recommend pairing with a sleek elegant white or golden gown. The gems will steal the show and you will look like pure royalty. For the emeralds there are many ways to wear, but we suggest going for a full emerald look such as a long turtleneck dress with an over-the-top emerald-colored fur. It may be a bit risky but that’s the beauty of it! After all, the whole point of holiday parties is to drink candy champagne and shine your brightest. If you’re shy, you could also opt for a more quiet look, pairing your new gems with a light tan outfit; you will still look stunning.

When it comes to violet tones we realize purple is not an easy color to wear, yet it is one of the most elegant when pulled off correctly. With a glittering silver dress – in perfect New Year’s Eve style – and these mystical pieces, you will be the queen of the night in no time.

Shop these remarkable pieces and say cheers to a bright new year. 2

Sutra, 18 Carat earrings in black gold with Colombian emeralds.

Like a cascade of tropical Caribbean water, these bright green gems will freshen up your look no matter the weather.Erica Courtney-Isabelle Kunzite RingErica Courtney, “Isabelle” gold ring with Kunzite, accented by diamonds and purple sapphires.

For the sweet beauty that you are, this show-off princess ring will bring love to your fingertips. ER-BIA3807

Bavna, “Iris” 18 Carat white gold earrings with white rose cut diamonds.

Elegance is key with these gorgeous clear diamond studs. Pair with a black and white outfit and you’ll be perfection.

DA14053 011018 Origen ring in yelllow gold, amethyst with diamonds

Carrera y Carrera, “Origen” ring in yellow gold with amethyst and diamonds.

Looking like true royalty, when wearing this gem everyone that lays eyes on you will want to kneel down and kiss your golden hand.8 copie

Lydia Courteille, “Scarlet Empress” ring in 18K red rhodium gold with sapphires, rubellites, and red tourmalines.

Like cherry-flavored candy, this glorious ring will bring all the sweetness of the holidays to the palm of your hand.

ER-WRC2718Bavna, “Scarlet” 18 Carat rose gold earrings with white rose cut diamonds.

Luxury at it’s best: these golden drop earrings are the definition of beauty.


DA14050 011018 Origen earrings in yellow gold, amethysts with diamonds

Carrera y Carrera, “Origen” earrings in yellow gold with amethyst and diamonds.

Extravagant in the best way, these long intricately-designed earrings refuse to be anything but the main piece in any outfit you choose to pair them with.553599A

Lydia Courteille, “Scarlet Empress” earrings in 18K red rhodium gold with rubellites and rubies.

These asymmetrical earrings are risky and complex, like a true fashionista. A197BN013-12Antonini, “Extraordinaire” ring win black rhodium with Colombian emeralds and diamonds.

In the darkness but shining bright, this ring is understated opulence.
3Sutra, 18 Carat rose gold earrings with diamonds and rubies.

Like fire from a treasure chest, these magnificent gems will bring an explosion of vibrant passion to your look. 1Sutra, 18 Carat rose gold earrings with rose cut diamonds and purple spinel.

Inspired by winter florals and snowy tones, these elegant drop earrings are the perfect combination of discretion and luxury.Erica Courtney Chevron indicolite Ring sideErica Courtney, chevron indicolite ring in yellow gold with indicolite tourmaline surrounded by diamonds.

Fit for an Empress, this ring is like a golden throne in itself.

Sutra, 18 Carat white gold necklace with rose cut diamonds and rubies.

The final piece is here for the belle of the ball. You’ve earned it.