Haute Spots Dubai: Vox ThEATre By Rhodes

Vox ThEATre By Rhodes

Celebrity Chef Gary Rhodes already had a strong presence in Dubai with his restaurants Rhodes W1 at Grosvenor House Hotel and Rhodes Twenty 10 at Le Royal Meridien Hotel, but now he’s got yet another location. It’s an entirely new luxury concept which combines high-class dining with movies.

Gary Rhodes
Gary Rhodes is venturing into a new dining concept with Vox ThEATre by Rhodes.

Photo Credit: Gary Rhodes

The Michelin-starred chef partnered up with Vox Cinemas for his new dining concept called Vox ThEATre by Rhodes. It’s the first of its kind in the Middle East, and they are planning three locations: Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates and Abu Dhabi’s Yas Mall and Nation Towers.

Vox ThEATre by Rhodes
According to What’s On, Vox ThEATre by Rhodes may feature different menus depending on the film being shown.

Photo Credit: What’s On

Time Out Dubai and What’s On got to take a look inside the first location of Vox ThEATre by Rhodes, which is the Mall of the Emirates location. The websites showcased the luxurious movie theater seats which have numerous settings that are sure to make you feel like you’re relaxing at home while watching a film and eating five-star cuisine. The seats recline and have a foot rest. The theatre also provides a blanket and pillow for comfort and an exclusive lounge, which is where moviegoers can review the menu and make their selections before the film starts. Diners tell the kitchen and wait staff what time they would like their food to be served. The movie begins at 11 p.m.

The seats inside the theatre are organized in wide rows so that waiters can easily get to diners and serve them without blocking the view of those sitting further back. Rhodes and Vox created the concept using the high-class London-style dinner theatre experience as a blueprint.

The Vox ThEATre by Rhodes concept basically offers a step up from Vox’s already-luxurious Gold class cinemas by adding a dinner menu designed by Rhodes. Moviegoers can dive into some exquisite dishes before, during, or after the film. The celebrity chef describes the menu items as basically upgrades to finger food.

One of the interesting upgrades he made was adding potatoes to the bun for their hamburger, which he said keeps the grease from penetrating the bun and causing greasy fingers. Vox ThEATre by Rhodes offers both a beef and duck burger. The menu also includes a flavorful lamb tangine which has been transformed into small fritter balls and served next to cucumber raita. Rhodes’ new menu also includes paninis with foie gras and toasted truffle butter. The full menu has not yet been published online, but it’s sure to excite the taste buds.

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