The Iconic Shreve & Co. Relocates to 117 Post

Entance of new store located at 117 Post Street
Entance of new store located at 117 Post Street


For elite tastemakers in the Bay Area, the legendary Shreve & Co. is hallowed ground. Throughout its 163-year history, the historic jeweler has remained one of the nation’s premiere luxury bou- tiques and has provided San Francisco’s wealthiest with a grandiose selection of luxury timepieces, couture and designer jewelry and stunning diamonds.

Sadly, after over a century at its location at 200 Post Street, the iconic jeweler is concluding its time at its namesake site, the Shreve Building. Thankfully, the brand has begun its next chapter at a new location nearby.

George Coats Shreve and his nephew Samuel S. Shreve established Shreve Jewelers in 1852. The boutique moved into 200 Post Street in March of 1906, just a month before the infamous earthquake devastated the city. In the wake of the tragedy, the brand endured and lived on to become an essential luxury destination in San Francisco’s Union Square.

In many ways, the move represents a new beginning for Shreve & Co. The jeweler now has the opportunity to expand its offerings and customer-focused amenities in ways not possible at its previous location in the Shreve building.

“Shreve has enjoyed a wonderful and unprecedented, 109-year-long-run at 200 Post Street,” said Glen Ross, the General Manager of Shreve & Co., “but now we have the extraordinary opportunity to reimagine the Shreve experience for future generations, from the ground up. Our new location provides the square footage we need to create the luxurious new flagship we’ve envisioned; with room for expanded couture collections, new designer brands and boutiques, and enhanced client amenities.”

On August 5th, Shreve & Co. opened a temporary location in 117 Post Street. In celebration of its brand-new location, the landmark boutique held the biggest sale in the brand’s history.

Shreve & Co. is currently working on opening a brand-new permanent site, which will be completed by mid-2016.