How Rx Breakup Can Help You Get Over Your Breakup


Healing after a breakup can take time. It has been rumored to believe, one needs nearly the same amount of time spent with his or her ex-beau to truly move forward. For example if you’ve been in a relationship for two years, you will need at least two years to truly heal. However, how does one overcome the mental and emotional agony? Usher in a new app called Rx Breakup.

Rx Breakup is a new app specially designed to help you get over a recent breakup or lingering obsession. Developed by LA-based therapist Jane Reardon and entrepreneur Jeanine Lobell of Stila Cosmetics, the app combines their clinical and creative expertise delivering a smart, stylish and supportive guide for moving forward in this new digital age.

“All of us can relate to the emotional pain of heartbreak. Too many of us get hung up on the past that we forget how resilient we can be when motivated. Rx Breakup is that extra push we all need from our fingertips. It’s an app that speaks to the current breakup climate. These days, relationships and breakups often take place in the digital sphere—we thought, ‘Why can’t break-up recovery take place there, too?’” Reardon and Lobell explained. 

How does Rx Breakup work? Well, by way of the app, Reardon and Lobell prescribes a 30-day, three-step program for the broken hearted. Rx Breakup brings users an arsenal of tips and tricks, whether navigating the first month of single life or letting go of the one you can’t shake. In managing one’s path to recovery, the feed features a series of three daily objectives:

1. What’s Happening: analyzing one’s mental, emotional and physical status

2. What to Do: an action-based task or focus

3. What to Write: a therapeutic writing assignment

Not only has Reardon narrowed her years of professional experience into written content, but also, with the help of Lobell, both women have thought of everything users might question— all the way down to social media etiquette. The app can also anticipate post-breakup anxiety, helps identify overlooked red flags, and eases the temptation to call or text that certain someone.

The women also tapped London-based artist Jo Ratcliffe, who is known for her work with Vogue and Lady Gaga, to brings the text to life with fun animations.

In addition, Rx Breakup will soon update its features allowing users to connect with others going through the same heart-wrenching experience. Users will be able to share their progress with photos and status updates.

Download the uber-cool app here.

(Photo via Shutterstock)