The Jam Tree Hosts POPUPALOT

The Jam Tree Clapham is know for it’s fun and innovative pop-ups, ranging from the Iraqi Supper Club JUMA Kitchen, to the more creative Painting Pop-up, and now POPUPALOT. At a time when Greek food is more popular than ever in London, The Jam Tree will be hosting POPUPALOT on Tuesday 21st July, offering 9 incredible courses bursting with Mediterranean flavours. For £40, guests can choose 3 mouth-watering courses, each using fresh and seasonal ingredients, creating the perfect summer dishes. The menu features a variety of favourite Greek dishes, many of which have been given a twist, adding a new unique take on the classics.

To start
  • Pan fried Scallop, grilled bastourma sausage & watermelon.
  • Ouzo, celeriac & fennel remoulade, with toasts.
  • Halloumi, pomegranate, fig & rocket salad.
  • Stuffed tomato Moussaka, fennel tsatziki, bulgur wheat with nuts & sultanas.
  • Calamari & roasted red pepper sauce.
  • Feta polenta with Greek salad & Greens
  • Plum & lavender baklava.
  • Black cherry ouzo sorbet.
  • Fruit kebab with a Metaxa and chocolate sauce.
POPUPALOT will take place from 6.30-11pm, and there will also be live music throughout the night, creating an uplifting and authentic Greek atmosphere. Bookings can be made here.