Randi Zuckerberg Shares 6 Tips on How to Entertain in the Digital Age

Randi Zuckerberg
Randi Zuckerberg

Photo Credit: Delbarr Moradi

Are you constantly on your iPhone or Android? Do you pick up calls at dinner? In the bath? At parties? Randi Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder Zuckerberg Media, a NYT best-selling author and SiriusXM radio host, has, and she’s over engaging with her mobile device alone. She’s realized that entertaining in the digital age is not an easy feat and is well aware of that delicate balance between staying connected and unplugging while with friends and family. This is why Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook CEO Mark, has started hosting “unplugged” parties, where she challenges partygoers to loosen the reigns on social media and—gasp—engage in person regardless of life’s little tech distractions. engaged despite all our tech distractions. Here, Zuckerberg shares six tips on how to entertain in the digital age.


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1. Stack Your Phones and Stand Back

At your next party, have everyone stack their phone in the middle of the table. They’ll buzz and they’ll peep. But try to resist the urge to grab yours. After all, the first one to reach for it does all the dishes—or pays for the meal, if you’re eating out.

2. Keep the Kids Happy with Non-Tech Activities

It’s easy to give your kids an iPad or set them in front of the computer to keep them quiet while you’re entertaining. Next time, try planning ahead to provide them with some non-tech activities. For example, designate certain times during the gathering as “play outside” time. Weather permitting, leave the devices inside, and have the kids have fun in the sun — with SPF 40, of course! –  and challenge your kids to use their imaginations.

3. Avoid Boredom with Board Games

These days, our parties oftentimes end with a round of our favorite iPad or iPhone game, creating clusters of people at the party centering around their devices. At your next party, trade in the apps for the real thing – set up a real game of Scrabble vs. Words With Friends, or any of your other favorites. A throw back to family game night!

4. Social Media Jar

Swear off social media for the night. Whoever caves has to throw some money into the social media jar (think a new age swear jar!) Use the money to plan your next social get together, or take the kids for ice cream at the end of the night!

5. Say “Cheese” Instead of “Selfie”

Just because you’re ditching the phone doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get some great pics from the party. You can still capture those great party moments without your phone! Use a digital camera to stage real-life, Instagram-style shoots. For families, try printing out the photos and have the kids decorate them. 

6. Set the “Away” Messages

Whether you set an “Out of Office” message on your email the night to let people know that you won’t be checking your inbox regularly, put your phone on airplane mode so you won’t be able to send/receive texts and emails, or just set a mental “away message,” turn off distractions so you can enjoy yourself!