Why Easter is Social Engagement Gold for Luxury Brands


Faberge Easter Egg Hunt at Harrods
Faberge Easter Egg Hunt at Harrods

Easter is a holiday synonymous with children activities such as Easter-themed fun in the form of arts and crafts, and of course the most anticipated Easter extravaganza is the Easter egg hunt. While it’s a religious holiday mostly surrounded around children, this year luxury brands have found ways to incorporate the adult consumer.

In order to foster consumer engagement, brands hosted a series of activities. Charbonnel et Walker, iconic chocolatier, and luxury department store Fortnum & Mason sparked consumer interest by way of the brand’s social media handles and websites throughout the time leading up to Easter.

From March 24 to April 2, Fortnum & Mason held an online egg hunt for customers. Every couple of days, the department store would post trivia questions. The customer would have to then search through the brand’s ecommerce site or search through its Piccadilly store to find the answers. To enter the scavenger hunt a customer would have to answer the trivia question via social media and use the hashtag #Eggciting when uploading the answer.

Charbonnel et Walker also hosted a scavenger hunt that began on the company’s social media page and prompted followers to visit a special web page created for Easter. The chocolatier followers were instructed to click on items in the brand’s confection selections to find “Easter treats,” which could be free chocolate or a promotional discount code. Those who invited other individuals to participate were further rewarded for promoting the activity.

As stated on the company’s site, winners of the Easter egg hunt was rewarded with either a Peter Rabbit Gift Hamper or a Pink Champagne Celebration Hamper.Runner ups was rewarded with Easter Eggs. The chocolatier even hosted an in-store event to meet Peter Rabbit.

Activities like scavenger hunts not only allows the consumer to feel rewarded by staying up-to-date with the brand, but also helps brands foster a community of loyal followers who are in turn be converted into consumers.

In a statement made to Luxury Daily, Jo Humphris, head of public relations and marketing at Charbonnel et Walker, London, said, “We wanted to offer our customers a greater level of engagement with the brand this Easter with activities both in-store and online but also an element of fun and activity which they could take part in and enjoy.”

Other iconic department stores seeking consumer engagement this Easter is British department store Harrods. Harrods Reward cardholders were invited to take part in the Fabergé Egg Hunt inside the department store. Akin to last year’s event, six eggs were hidden throughout the store. Once found, customers were prompt to register the egg through a specific mobile-based app, which gave shoppers the opportunity to enter a lottery drawing to win one of three Fabergé pendants worth approximately $24,000.

At your local Nordstorm, on April 4th adult shoppers can bring their child in to participate in an Easter egg decorating as well as an Easter egg hunt.

(Photo via Faberge’s Official Twitter Page)