Beauty Essential of the Day: Tom Ford’s $4000 Lipstick Minaudière

tomford-plexi-glass-lipstick-minaudiere-9Photo Credit: Tom Ford

That Tom Ford is such a genius. The man consistently manages to capitalize on what women—and men, of course—need. His latest creation follows suit: a minaudière with a strap-on lipstick holster.

Many women might opt to keep their beauty essentials in their bags, but Ford’s pricey purse, which retails for $3,950, seems to be saying “What is the word “wallflower?” you speak of? Notice me—I’m beautiful.”

The glitzy plexiglass bag comes in three sequined variations—mutli, gold and silver, and comes with a gold chain in case you don’t feel like carrying your mini-bag.

Inside is a leather pouch to keep your treasures safe aside, naturally, from your oh-so-easy to find lippie, which is ready to slide right out on command.

The bag comes with a signature, earthy hue called “Vanilla Suede,” though any of the designer’s 25 colors will, natch, fit perfectly (we highly suggest our favorites, “Casablanca and “True Coral”).

If you need more proof that this is going to become an “It” back, well, all we can say is that Naomi Campbell herself modeled the bag herself on the red carpet before Ford’s Fall ’15 runway show—and you really don’t want to argue with her, do you?