Pressed Juicery CEO Hayden Slater’s Desktop Essentials

Hayden Slater
Hayden Slater

Give us an Angeleno that hasn’t tried one of the juices at Pressed Juicery, and we’ll consider ourselves shocked. Hayden Slater, the company’s CEO and one of its three co-founders, is a former fast food junkie who completely transformed his entire life by introducing juice into his diet, and has since lost more than 60 pounds. Now feeling and living his best, Hayden has set a personal mission to promote health and healing to everyone, one juice at a time. He has done this rapidly, too: since starting the brand in 2010, Pressed has become one of California’s leading cold-pressed juice chains, selling thousands of bottles every day in the Los Angeles and San Francisco markets.  There are 16 locations alone in L.A. and Orange County, with three more slated to pop up this spring. Here, Hayden gives us a sneak peek at where he comes up with his million dollar juice ideas and discusses the items on his desk.

Hayden Slater's desk
Hayden Slater’s desk
  • Crystals – To ward off negativity
  •  A little cookie jar – with dog treats for my dog Finley
  •  Sage – to keep our office environment pure and free of negative energy- I actually just finished my quarterly office sage
  • Calendar and notebook
  • My morning jug of greens
  • A bobble head of my elementary school headmaster, Ray Michaud, one of the most influential people in my life
  • My black sand incense and gong to remind me to stay grounded