KLIMA Brings Spanish Cuisine and Brazilian Design to Miami

KLIMA Restaurant and Bar tables

Brazilian design really is having a moment. In terms of popularity, it’s right up there with…. Spanish cuisine. Put those two things together,  shake them up in a mid-century shaker and you might start to get the concept of the super-cool restaurant that is KLIMA. It’s a brand new restaurant on 23rd Street near Collins Avenue, just across from the W South Beach, that feels like being in a friend’s home, albeit a friend with extremely good taste in design.

KLIMA Restaurant and Bar Banquette

Co-owners Pablo Fernández-Valdés and Yago Giner Viscasillas had a specific vision that was executed to perfection inside and out. For example, there are interesting touches like a solid marble bar in the kitchen, slightly visible from the main dining room, wood paneling on the ceiling and an actual back yard. The stunning interiors are the result of a 13-month, $3 million build-out in the former Tosca space. What was once an ode to South Beach excess, is a now a den good taste with modern interiors nodding at Brazil, Spain and Sweden with a dash of mid-century California all in one go.

KLIMA Restaurant and Bar patio

While KLIMA has only been open for a few days, they’ve already hosted legendary Basque cuisine chef Juan Mari Arzak, who no doubt enjoyed Executive Chef David “Rusti” Rustarazo’s cuisine. Rustarazo’s unassuming European-style menu delivers more than it promises. Here’s a look at our stellar meal there below.