New York Sparkled Last Night With Piaget and Buccellati

New York’s social-scene sparkled like a faceted gem last night with celebrations for two legendary jewelers: Piaget and Buccellati. Haute Living‘s first stop, Piaget’s Fifth Avenue boutique which was brimming with swoon-worthy jewelry and elegant ladies and gents, all there to gawk at the latest Red Carpet gems. The Mediterranean Gardens collection was created with tourmalines, south-sea pearls, emeralds diamonds and more and are drop-dead gorgeous. You’ll probably see them on the Red Carpet bejeweling Hollywood royalty.

Piaget Mediterranean Gardens collection
Piaget Mediterranean Gardens collection

Upstairs in the private client area, CEO, Yves Piaget, chatted with Haute Living about their new coffee-table book. Yves talked passionately about the contributing photographer Steve Hiett whose slick images reflect the brand’s modern forward-thinking aesthetic. We gawked at the jaw-dropping vintage pieces from the ’60s several of which were owned by the jewelry queen herself, Elizabeth Taylor. After making a mad-dash through the crowd, Haute Living was in an UBER in no time flat, on the way to the next star-studded event, Buccellatti’s, Timeless Blue.

Piaget Mediterranean Gardens
Piaget Mediterranean Gardens collection
G0A40282 ferme
Piaget Mediterranean Collection

Velvet ropes added to the club-like atmosphere as two Maserati’s flanked the entrance to the new Buccellati boutique. The Buccellati name was lit in neon and we were given blue cocktails when when we entered. The room was like a jammed rush-hour subway car, but unlike the subway, socialites filled the four-story boutique. Olivia Chantecaille, Kelly Rutherford and Indre Rockefeller were among the ladies working the room as Patrick McMullen charmed as he photographed.

Indre Rockefeller, Alberto Milani, Kelly Rutherford
Indre Rockefeller, Alberto Milani, Kelly Rutherford at Buccellati’s Timeless Blue event
Lucrezia and Andrea Buccellati
Lucrezia and Andrea Buccellati Buccellati Timeless Blue event

Buccellati left the best for the last; on the top floor which was enveloped in blue light, masterpieces by Claude Monet, Pierre Bonnard, Winslow Homer and Odilon Redon hung on the walls of a back room. The impressionist paintings were loaned by Wildenstein Gallery and were the inspiration for several specially designed pieces made for this event.

Timeless Blue Cocktails
Buccellati’s Timeless Blue Cocktails
Jewelry & Art Exhibit
Jewelry & Art Exhibit Timeless Blue event Buccellati
Boutique Facade 2
Buccellati boutique facade
Buccellati’s Timeless Blue event
Monet Fragment
Monet Fragment Buccellati Timeless Blue event
ORECCHINI ORO U6324-156962
Buccellati ORECCHINI ORO earrings

David Wildenstein is married to the stunningly beautiful designer, Lucrezia Buccellati who has modernized the historic brand. As we made our way down to the main floor, we were given specially designed bracelets as a commemoration  of the night. It was a night of haute proportions!