See Inside the Most Expensive Restaurant in the World


So where does one go to dine at the world’s most expensive restaurant? Well, we don’t know exactly.

That’s part of the magic of Sublimotion. The restaurant, located on the Spanish isle of Ibiza, is a bit on an enigma. While the eatery is a part of Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel, the actual experience of eating at Sublimotion begins at a “magical point” on the island only revealed to those that have booked a place at the table; and booking a place at that table costs a whopping $1,500 per person. The experience of eating at Sublimotion only gets more unique from there.


Sublimotion serves Spanish avant garde cuisine in a tasting menu of 20 courses that takes three hours to enjoy. Larger than just a gastronomical affair, the restaurant is a full sensory experience, with the lights, scents, sounds, and even changes in the humidity all curated into a luxury dining experience that is truly one-of-a-kind. The single long table that makes up the dining area of Sublimation comes alive with multimedia panels that can be touched and prodded, while the walls that wrap around the space are actually digital displays that project vast and scenic views that connect to the food being served.


But what about  the food? Chef Roncero is a recipient of two Michelin Stars, as well as three Repsol Suns and the 2006 National Gastronomy Award, so clearly food will still be the highlight of the experience. According to Roncero, Sublimotion is “very difficult to explain. It is Ibiza, passion, gastronomy, a radically different show that you can only live by yourself.”

(Via Daily Meal)

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