Haute 100 Miami: Serena Williams Wins 19th Grand Slam at Australian Open

image via Daily Mail
image via Daily Mail

Serena Williams
came out on top; defeating Maria Sharapova she took home her 19th grand slam at the Australian Open. With 19 grand slams, Williams is only three titles away from Steffi Grab’s record of 22 grand slams.

“I have to thank god for this,” says Williams, “I was down and out, and he helped me today, and I said prayers and it just – not to win but to be strong and to be healthy and in the end I was able to come through.”

Not so great for Sharapova however: it’s been 10 years since she has defeated Williams in any major match.

Image via US Magazine
Image via US Magazine

Tommy Hilfger, as if his resume wasn’t already extensive, can now add author to his list of accomplishments. Hilfiger has written a memoir to be published by Ballantine Books for a fall 2015 release. The book details Hilfiger’s trials and tribulations, successes and failures, and extensive history working within the fashion industry: “Reflecting on my experiences in the fashion industry over the last 30-plus years has been a wild ride,” said Hilfiger.

from the "Blurred Lines" video
from the “Blurred Lines” video

Haute 100’s Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke are being sued by the Marvin Gaye estate as to whether or not “Blurred Lines” ripped off the Gaye classic “Got to Give it up.”

The Gaye family is upset over the fact that U.S. District Judge John Kronstadt won’t allow them to introduce the original “Got to Give it up” in court. The song wasn’t deposited to the copyright in the 1970s. We hope all parties involved can settle the dispute, because both songs are great and surely there is room for both of them in this world.
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