An Artful Look at Miami’s New Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science


The Planetarium at the Science Museum
The Planetarium at the Science Museum

Miami’s new Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science might not be open until 2016, but a select group of VIPs were given a hard hat tour of the amazing new museum. Situated behind the Perez Art Museum Miami and adjacent to recently renovated Bay Front Park, the location for MiaSci’s new home is one of the best anywhere.

Inside the Dome
Sparks fly Inside the Dome

The concrete wonder designed by Grimshaw Architects of London/New York stands to be an attraction in and of itself, with the round planetarium serving as the focal point that will be lit up to be different things from a basketball during the playoffs, to a pumpkin during Halloween. However, it’s what’s inside the sphere that’s most interesting.

It’s a new planetarium using the most advanced technology taking viewers inside the cosmos—without having to tilt their heads. Imagine a 16-million-color laser projection system and you get the idea. Of course, the Milky Way and next-fen laser light shows won’t be the only thing they can project. The space will be able to function as a private entertainment space where movies or event personal photos can be projected for a birthday.

Colorful ironworks
Rebar and more

Perhaps the most fun exhibits will be of earthly biology, with over seven aquariums exhibiting different local underwater ecosystems from Florida’s Gulfstream, to getting a view of what’s going on under the water in the everglades hammock and mangrove estuaries. There will also be coral reef and sandy shore tanks. The museums biggest aquarium will the Gulfstream with a 100′ open surface on the roof of the building and be visible from two different levels within, including event space where guests will be able to see hammerhead sharks and tuna swimming overhead.

Inside the Miami Science Museum
Inside the Miami Science Museum

The museum promises to be one with few walls, allowing interiors to blend seamlessly with interiors to make it a good idea to go to the museum even when the weather is beautiful. Of course, it’s not all about fun – the groups that have contributed to the museum including Patricia and Phillip Frost, The James S and John L Knight Foundation and The Batchelor Foundation along with Trish and Dan Bell with Baptist Health South Florida, have hopes that the museum will foster a new generation of home-grown scientific minds and talent in South Florida.

View of the PAMM from MiaSci
View of the PAMM from The Frost

Although we haven’t mentioned all the great features of the museum (we hear there will be a Moon Gardena and Sun Garden featuring a weather station and photovoltaic panels. The museum will cost a total of $300,000,000 when it’s done, and feature a 250,000 square foot, 5-story building siting on 4 acres. Visit

View of Biscayne Bay from MIaSci
Bayfront Park from The Frost

Photography By Hadley Henriette