5 Ways to Make Home Cooking Luxurious

We can’t all be chefs. But a dash of lobster oil on a simple pasta dish or a touch of truffle shaving gone a baked potato can make your basic home cooking totally luxurious. Stock your kitchen with these premium ingredients to make even the simplest of meals a little bit more decadent.

Groix & Nature Lobster Oil


Recommended recently by Florence Fabricant, the unofficial queen of the New York Times‘ food section, this lobster oil is a must for anyone who wants to amp up their panty. Drizzle it on eggs or toast for a luxe breakfast or make a simple pasta or fish dish for dinner and enhance it with just a few dabs. $16 for 100ml on Amazon

Finishing Salts


It’s kind of amazing how much a small dash of salt can do!  Finishing salts, unlike your regular cooking salt, are designed to enhance the flavor of a dish right before you chow down. Try Bulls Bay Saltworks from South Carolina — just a touch of solar evaporated salt will totally transform your cooking. $26 for 8oz on bullsbaysaltworks.com

Urbani’s White Truffle Puree

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.00.45 AM

Truffle season has pretty much wrapped up, but you can still add a squeeze of this magnificent truffle puree to melted butter, pasta dishes, soups and sauces for an extra dash of elegance. $98 for .9oz at Eataly.

Colonna Extra Virgin Olive Oil


When it comes to oil, you want a kitchen well-stocked with high quality oils, both for cooking and finishing. Colonna’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used for some of each, and is delicious just drizzled atop some grilled veggies or even crusty bread. $45 for .75 L at Dean & Deluca.

Wagyu Flank Steak 


A New Yorker should never be without a good steak. Have some wagyu – known as the best beef in the world – on hand for a quick pan-cooked dinner! $80 for 2.5lbs at Lobel’s.