Enlightened Design: Spotlight on Jaime Perczek

Jaime Perczek selects his words as carefully as he would a new finish for a custom piece of furniture he is creating for a client.

“Everything we surround ourselves with—our furniture, our artwork, the layout of our space—reflects, contributes to and impacts our own energy,” he says. He pauses. His blue eyes closing momentarily, as if allowing his mind to weave a vision of the space that perfectly complements his clients’ personal styles and energies. Breathing deeply, he smiles, opens his eyes, and continues: “When in balance, it inspires our desire to create harmony with the outer world. The energy of our surroundings is elevated and thus we feel peaceful; we feel happy.”

Jaime Perczek

For over 30 years, Jaime Perczek has worked with discerning clientele to create interior spaces and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that transcend beyond “beautiful” to “enlightened.” His revolutionary approach to interior design and space planning carefully evaluates the client’s inner desires and translates them into shapes, color and orientation to create surroundings aligned with the client’s own energy.

Jaime began his career as an importer and distributor of unique furniture pieces from South America, and quickly gained a passion for sourcing exotic materials such as natural woods, horns, bone and goatskins. He soon joined the American Society of Furniture Designers as a professional furniture designer, and over the next three decades wove his expertise in exotic finishes and materials into each uniquely bespoke piece he would create. His work in furniture design and installation quickly evolved to include space planning and took on a personalized focus—holistic design.

Jaime Perczek

Replication and redesign of spectacular pieces from the Art Deco period remains a Perczek signature, but his furniture and interior designs are inspired from Contemporary and Modern influences as well. Each piece he creates utilizes exotic woods, materials and special techniques, affording an almost endless array of furniture finishes. Most importantly, Perczek points out, each piece is carefully designed and crafted to reflect the client’s vision and personality.

Each year Perczek adds to his DCOTA-based showroom an inspiring touch to his collections of unique furniture, aimed at creating a well-rounded and distinguished interior. Each piece is personally designed or selected by the designer himself whether it be custom upholstery, entertainment units or tables and chairs. Perczek has a passion for flowing lines, suspended elements and unique hand made finishes that range from natural shells to semi-precious stones, which are increasingly sought after in high-end residences and yachts.

Jaime Perczek

In 2013 Perczek introduced a line of organic kitchen and wall unit designs intended to bring increased harmony and flow to an interior. This year, Perczek introduces custom furniture pieces that utilize natural Quartz and Amethyst crystals—implemented as backlit panels or incorporated into the piece as a whole. “These exceptionally unique pieces are not only spectacular to behold, they naturally infuse the interiors with healing frequencies that transform energy and increase purity in the environment,” he says. Because crystals possess the most orderly structure that exists in nature, Perczek explains, they respond to the input of surrounding energy and in turn emit certain vibratory frequencies. Thus, when dissonant energy is input, the crystal serves to balance and return it as harmonic energy.

This revolutionary approach to interior and custom furniture design continues to elevate Jaime Perczek Design beyond the traditional and keeps him continuously sought-after by clients who are ready to take their personal space to the next level.