Where to Enjoy White Truffle Season in NYC

It’s (finally) white truffle season. From September through December, white truffles are harvested in the forests of Italy, bringing savory, rich flavor to any dish they’re used in. While France’s black truffle season doesn’t start for a few more months, plenty of fantastic white truffles are starting to grace New York menus for the few short months before they’re totally consumed. Eat them while they’re in season, and enjoy all of the elegance that is a freshly shaved truffle.

White Alba Truffle Linguine at Otto


This dish at Otto (co-owned by Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich) is a mastermind of simplicity mixed with decadence: al dente linguine is tossed with truffle butter and Parmigiano-Reggiano and then topped with freshly shaved white truffles. It’s pretty much everything you could hope for in a pasta, and it’s way too tempting not to fantasize about on a hungry weeknight… A similar white truffle fettuccine dish can be found at Rosemary’s.

White Truffle Sushi Rice and White Truffle Wagyu at Masa


Of course the most decadent sushi restaurant in New York, if not the United States, is going to go all out on white truffles. As part of the prix-fixe, enjoy sushi rice rolled in shaved white truffles for an impressive burst of flavor. To your meal, add the $150 wagyu option for a fantastically savory piece of meat. While there are no official menus at Masa, white truffle tempura has also been known to grace the plates of diners, in an ultimate celebration of all things that are delicious.

B.L.T.E. at Kingside

Kingside - B.L.T.E Burrato, Lardo, Shaved White Truffle and Sunny Side Egg LR
This tasty B.L.T.E sandwich at Marc Murphy’s Kingside pretty much has everything that is good about eating in one bite: creamy Burrata, rich lardo, shaved white truffle and a runny sunny side egg. If you want some more carbs with your truffles, you can also opt for the handmade spaghetti with truffle butter, Parmesan and shaved white truffle.

White Truffle addition at Le Cirque


In for the season at Le Cirque are white truffles! And this classic New York establishment knows that truffles are pretty much good on anything. For $150 have white truffles shaved over your choice of dishes from their fall prix-fixe, like agnolotti with potatoes and chestnut or lamb with artichokes and courgettes.

White Truffle addition at Locanda Verde


Head to one of TriBeCa’s best Italian eateries to enjoy some fresh truffle shavings on one of Andrew Carmellini’s delicious pasta creations.

Fresh White Truffles at Eataly

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 9.15.31 AM

If you’re cooking at home and want to add a bit of indulgence, shred some fresh white truffle over your meal. At $168/oz, these umami-packed truffles add more flavor than anything you could possibly store on your spice rack.