Tour Odéon’s $475 Million Sky Penthouse: A Look a the World’s Most Expensive Apartment

The ancient Rock of Monaco fortress has a modern skyline companion. Tour Odéon is the first luxury skyscraper to beautify Monaco’s majestic Riviera mountainside since 1980, and, at 558 feet tall, it reigns as the principality’s tallest tower, making it an ideal perch for the most expensive penthouse in the world (which occupies Tour Odéon’s top five floors).

Tour Odeon Penthouse
For $475 million, Tour Odéon’s Sky Penthouse offers a giant infinity pool, private chauffeurs, and personal caterers.

For nearly half-a-billion dollars (give or take $25 million), the penthouse could be yours (and by “yours,” we mean people on the Forbes Billionaires list—others need not apply.)

Previously, the same penthouse reportedly listed for $250 million, with super rich European elites as potential prospects. We’ve heard of inflation, but this is ridiculous—and by ridiculous, we mean special. We’re pretty sure the penthouse’s new speculated price—$475 million—is a better economic indicator than Wall Street of good times to come. Tour Odéon is where old money will give rise to new money, and perhaps a new generation of über wealth.

Tour Odéon is the first skyscraper built in Monaco since 1980.
The first skyscraper built in Monaco since 1980, Tour Odéon boasts panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

Tour Odéon is touted as “the very best that Monaco has to offer.” Who are we to argue? The high-rise is a double tower that houses 70 luxurious apartments, ranging from one to six bedrooms, including two 12,916 square-foot Sky Duplexes and the five-story Sky Penthouse which, at 35,520 square feet, is virtually out of this world.

All apartments here feature floor-to-ceiling windows with natural light and panoramic views of the Mediterranean coastline and sparkling azure waters. Tour Odéon is the ambitious collective vision of architect Alexandre Giraldi, developer Groupe Marzocco, interior designer Alberto Pinto, and landscape architect Jean Mus.

Tour Odéon residences.
Tour Odéon’s 70 luxury apartments showcase two to six bedrooms and terraces with unobstructed sight lines.

If you play in Monaco’s luxury playground, you’re going to need toys. Tour Odéon’s penthouse—slated for completion this fall—features multiple pools (highlighted by a giant rooftop infinity pool with slide), a private disco, and perhaps—according to some renderings—even a palm tree for the billionaire seeking shade from the intense opulent glare. As if that isn’t enough, the penthouse offers a three-bedroom staff quarters, private chauffeur, personal caterer, and 24-hour concierge service. The eventual penthouse dweller will, however, have to share a health club, spa, and movie theater with mere millionaires.

Tour Odéon required special approval due to strict building regulations implemented by former King Ranier.
Tour Odéon is now the tallest building in Monaco.

The luxury skyscraper is pitched as “your ultimate home between the sea and the sky.” And with “your,” the slogan means to capture the attention of individuals like Bill Gates or Paul Allen. Allen is a good prospect—from Tour Odéon’s penthouse infinity pool, he could keep an eye on his megayacht Octopus (formerly the world’s largest at 414 feet long), which sometimes docks in the Port of Monaco.