Want a Ride on the Prestige Lexington Yacht? Get in Line

Exterior of the Lexington Yacht
Exterior of the Lexington Yacht

Being the best of the best in a yachting market as grandiose as New York City’s has its advantages. However, the pace is fast and the patronage is demanding. There is no time for resting on laurels or basking in the sun if your company’s goal is being number one.

Prestige Yacht Charters, serving New York, Long Island, the Hudson River, and Connecticut, recently introduced its newly renovated Lexington yacht. The much-anticipated makeover of the yacht-charterer is indeed everything promised and, perhaps, even a bit more.

“We have leveraged our corporate success and decades of experience in the yachting world to create the ‘perfect ship,’” says David Hackert, president of  Prestige Yacht Charters, “And judging from the public’s interest, we [have] succeeded.

Designed to lavishly accommodate more than 100 guests, the deluxe ship is equipped with a robust sound system, a formal dining area, and outdoor seating, The luxuries make for a setting that is both appropriate for both business and pleasure.  The splashy success of the revamped Lexington yacht is measureable, as Mr. Hackert  is advising clients to book their reservations months in advance to ensure availability.

Lexington's interior
Lexington’s interior

“We expected a successful launch of our redesigned Lexington yacht, but were taken aback by how may people wished to reserve it for their voyages,” said Hackert.

An overflow of patronage is a “problem” that most yacht-chartering outfits would readily welcome.

Overall, Prestige Yacht Charters has a fleet of fully crewed motor and sailing yachts that are suitable for business and special social gatherings, such as weddings, soirees, and must-impress business attractions. Clients enjoy four-star cuisine as well as various options for entertainment including live bands, DJs, caricaturists, and a casino.

photos courtesy of David Hackert