Jet Set Jewelry: Lais Bacchi

Photography by Maria Lankina

Jewelry designer Lais Bacchi came to the United States from Brazil with her husband Paulo Bacchi to start Artefacto. After the former stylist and her husband established the brand as the go-to design store for organic, international design, she started Lais Bacchi Designs in 2010. The line, which represents a happy medium between fashion and fine jewelry, is known for its high-quality construction and use of semi-precious stones and metals overlaid in 18k gold.

HL: What was it like growing up in Brazil?
LB: I had a very happy childhood. Our family lived in São Paulo, but we also spent a few years in Rio. My mother is a very strong woman, who always supported my independent nature. I started working early, and that allowed me to build a name for myself in fashion at a young age.

HL: How has your transition to America been?
LB: Wonderful. This is a great country and our family considers it home. Being in Miami made it that much easier – people are friendly and the weather is perfect for me. I love the beach!

HL: What do you like best about living in the States?
LB: Not having to worry about violence and crime. Feeling safe and knowing your loved ones are safe is priceless.

HL: Tell me about your work as a stylist.
LB: Working as a stylist in Brazil, my priority was always to make my clients feel and look beautiful. Trends come and go, but each of us has colors and shapes that will enhance our natural beauty. A stylist’s job is to identify them and help the client incorporate them into her look, but still be current and fashionable.

HL: How do you use accessories?
LB: Accessories can make or break a look! They can make a dress suitable to different occasions, and make you shine even when wearing a simple outfit. The best brands for accessories are Valentino and Hermès.

HL: What is your inspiration for the designs?
LB: My life and environment inspire me. The colors and fashion of Miami, and the joy and natural beauty of Brazil, it all inspires me when creating my collections.



HL: Your jewelry is designed to look expensive, but be stress-free for travelers. Tell me about it.
LB: At LB Brazil, I use mostly semi-precious stones, cut to perfection, set in brass and overlaid in 18K gold. I believe this is extremely practical for the fashion conscious traveler, whether on a business trip or on vacation. I’ve created a link system which allows most of my earrings to be worn as  simple studs for daytime or linked together for a fashion statement at night. One or two pairs of earrings can be combined and create multiple looks.

HL: Are these items especially good for Brazil, where one must always be careful?
LB: I think they are perfect for any place! They make women beautiful and carefree anywhere in the world!

HL: How did you find artisans in Brazil to make your items?
LB: I started in this business very early, and was fortunate to meet and work with the best people in the industry. We’ve had long relationships and I’m familiar with the quality of their work, and their reliability.

HL: You donate part of trunk show proceeds to various charities. Who do like to give back to?
LB: I strongly believe in giving back. I tend to work with charities that benefit children, and also help the less fortunate in my home country.