Travelle Launches New Service Just in Time for Mad Men

Travelle Chicago

One of my favorite shows in the world is AMC’s Mad Men. If it wasn’t for obvious social elements back, I would like to think I would have thrived in that era. I envision myself as a big ad man on Madison Ave, smoking a ridiculous amount of cigarettes while drinking a glass of whiskey at 10AM. Okay, maybe I wouldn’t do all that, but my point is I love the show. It’s about to enter its final season starting this Sunday (April 13) and I’m glad to see its greatness being acknowledged all over the place. One place in particular is Chicago’s own Langham, where they have launched a cocktail service to coincide with the final season of one of the best shows on television.

Travelle at The Langham, Chicago puts an interesting twist on tableside service with the launch of its cocktail carts beginning Sunday, April 13. As tableside service was made popular at luxury restaurants throughout the 1960’s, Travelle unveils their modern-day version in conjunction with the season seven premiere of Mad Men, paying homage to an era of excess and glamour.

Rockwell Group worked with Travelle in designing four custom-made cocktail carts, making their debut in the greenroom of the 86th Annual Academy Awards. Following their trip from California, the carts are now displayed throughout Travelle’s bar and lounge space. Inspired by the cocktail culture of the 1960’s, the carts feature brass framing with satin, mirrored glass undersides and high gloss Macassar ebony shelving. Two of the carts are located in the restaurant’s lounge and invites guests to enjoy the theatrical aspect of specialty cocktails being prepared tableside by expert mixologists. The remaining carts are stationed throughout the bar, displaying spirits bottles and glassware.

Travelle’s cocktail cart boasts a signature drink, the “Madhattan,” prepared and served tableside. The Madhattan puts an exciting twist on the classic Manhattan, comprised of choice whiskey, sweet vermouth, a dash of Benedictine and house made smoked simple syrup, stirred and served over ice. Travelle’s cocktail cart features five various whiskey selections from which guests can choose in creating a personalized Madhattan. Such whiskey selections and Madhattan prices include: Woodford Reserve Bourbon ($20); Templeton Rye ($15); and Whistle Pig Rye ($24); Macallan 12-year Sing Malt Scotch ($18); and Oban 14-year Single Malt Scotch ($27).

In addition to the cart’s spirits selection, Travelle’s lounge hosts an extensive whiskey collection imported from such international locations as Scotland, Ireland, and Japan. For more information on Travelle’s tableside cocktail service and lounge offerings, visit or call 312-923-7705.

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Photo: Architectural Digest