America’s Best Boot Brand Lucchese is on Top of Its Game in the USA

Having just gotten off the phone with William ‘Bill’ Zeitz, I have a smile from ear to ear, after all, I just interviewed the Creative Director and Executive Vice President of Marketing of Lucchese. You may have heard of Lucchese, because their Boots just happen to be the BEST in the world; a 130 year old brand that originated in the good ‘ol USA. Bill has been on board with the brand for the past two years, where he has implemented major change with the expansion of the brand and adding new product collection. He tells me “With 130 years of history I added fashion footwear. We’re doing this because Lucchese has loyal customers who have done this for a while. Our customers have other occasions too! So that’s the reason we expanded our brand from solely boots, to fashion.”

So, fashion footwear aside, I asked Bill a few questions about the brand, like “what is the most Haute Living boot Lucchese makes?” and his answer is definitely up our alley, or shall I say alley-gator.

“The most crazy, wild and expensive boot is our American Alligator boot at $10,000, but we also design anything you want, offering custom design boots.”

Bill also tells me that the most popular style of the moment are ‘Ropers,’ and “with trends of the moment, people seem to really desire them. Also, whenever Karl  Lagerfeld’s Chanel shows feature ropes, our ‘Roper’ sales increase.”

Lucchese is not only fashion. Their brand is multi-function. “In the 1800’s, Lucchese started making boots for calvary officers. It was the origin. Cowboys to polo all united by the horse!” Oh, and speaking of the horse, Bill tells me “John Muse (photographed below in the polo garb), our owner, is an avid polo player. He started his own team. The Lucchese team plays the Winter season in Wellington, FL and  Summers in Santa Barbara. Some of the top polo players from Argentina are on his team.

Now this is what I call the American Dream!