David Floria Hosts “Demystifying Galleries” Talk

Quintenz Gallery
Quintenz Gallery

There are a lot of questions surrounding art galleries: How does one get their work in one? What does it take to start collecting? Is collecting art an investment? Are there places to show work besides galleries?

They can be intimidating places, and David Floria hopes to answer questions and make the process more accessible in a talk he’s giving Friday, Feb. 28, at the Wyly Community Art Center called “Demystifying Galleries.” As the former curator for the Aspen Art Museum and owner of the David Floria Gallery, he has some experience on the subject.

“A lot of artists who are considering opening a gallery don’t necessarily understand the politics and professional standards of how galleries work,” he says. “I’m willing to share any of my experiences in that regard.”

Currently, Floria is a co-director of the Quintenz Gallery located inside the Residences at The Little Nell. Through his work and everyday life, he says he is approached on the subject and wants to offer some insight where it seems needed.

 David Floria’s discussion runs from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Wyly Community Art Center in Basalt. It’s open to the public.