What’s On My Desk: Jay Parker of Douglas Elliman

Jay desk_edit-[1]

Jay Parker is the new Chief Executive Officer of Douglas Elliman, Florida Brokerage. Parker is also the founding partner of Clear Title Group LLC, a partner in the Law Firm Beloff Parker Jacobs, PLC and Managing Partner of Titan Capital. Mr. Parker has also been the  General Counsel for LandTel Communications in New York City where he supervised the implementation of a Pan-European fixed wireless market, raising more than $375 million from numerous private equity firms. In 2001, Mr. Parker moved back to Miami Beach to form Clear Title Group, LLC and Titan Capital Florida, LLC. Here’s what’s on his desk.

1. Picture of my Wife and Kids:  They are my inspiration and the center of my universe.  I work such long hours that it brings me great pleasure each time my eyes fall upon their picture, knowing that I’ll see them soon.

2. Porsche Pen: It’s just the way my brain connects with the paper.  It’s comfortable in my hand and I believe that every business person should have a distinguished writing instrument.

3. My Notepad:  I keep a checklist of all my tasks.  Running a statewide company leaves me with many ongoing responsibilities and I’ve found that writing them down keeps me from missing things.

4. Porsche Mouse:   I am a sport car lover and a Porsche fan, but I really just love my 911 mouse.

5.Two Screens:  Its the answer to my need to multitask.  Having emails, documents, spreadsheets open at the same time allows me to do more at once.