Moments in Time by Emirati Photographer Alia Rashid Alshamsi Opens at the Ritz-Carlton DIFC

Alia exhibition 2


Currently on view at the Ritz-Carlton DIFC is Memories in Time, a photography exhibition of works by Emirati photographer Alia Rashid AlShamsi. A former bride of the hotel, the show showcases pictures inspired by the memories from AlShamsi’s wedding day. The artist’s first solo exhibition, it features 15 stunning color and black-and-white wedding photographs.


Alia exhibition 1

The photographs tell the story of a bride’s thoughts and feelings during the 48 hours surrounding her wedding day. “I wanted to create an exhibition inspired by the memories from my own wedding at The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC, but not in a typical way; I wanted to capture those simple, intangible elements that are often overlooked when we reflect on a wedding,” says Alia Rashid AlShamsi.


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The exhibition portrays the bride’s experience through her own eyes. The exhibition starts at her henna party showcasing images of her hands adorned with henna while she wears her grandmother’s Arabic jewelry.  We then move to the morning of her wedding day when she awoke to the scent of peonies from her bouquet in her luxurious suite, while the sun warmed her skin. The bride is then seen sipping her coffee, reminiscing about her childhood and contemplating the start of her new journey. She is then seen happily making her last phone calls to girlfriends while the last pins are placed in her hair. There’s the final check of her white tulle gown and a brief moment of calm as she prepares to leave her suite to greet her guests. Finally, we see the moment when the groom lifts her veil.

The exhibition will run until 30 November. For more information visit