Dori’s World: From NYC to London

2013-06-19 19.06.37

Yesterday was my last day in NYC because I left for London last night. My first lunch was at Serafina, where Denise Rich held a charity meeting for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation. Michelle Rella, Cynthia Otte, Fran Glasberg, Keisha Escoff, Allison Lutnick, Annabella Murphy, Lara Stolman, Inga Rubenstein and Daniella Rich are all on the board.

My next lunch was at Fresco with my parents, aunt and uncle. Then my third lunch with Ness Wadia, here from India, and Ines Talakic at Fred’s. Catherine Zeta Jones was looking fabulous at the table next to me. I stopped at Schutz for shoes, where Raffa Azzi now works.

Luckily, My Lily Maddock swimwear arrived for my trip and so did my Dolce dresses. Now, off to London for the Millers’ event!