Dori’s World: React to Film Event

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On Wednesday, Coralie Charriol Paul and Dennis Paul hosted the first benefit for REACT to FILM. They had me picked up in a Rolls Royce and taken to Libet Johnson’s townhouse. They would love to create a special track of the RtF high school course where filmmaking is the final REACTion activity of the course. Their course is an intensive elective offered just like Math or English, four days a week for 50 minutes per day. In order to develop such a course, they plan to roll it out to a small pilot of high schools and provide the teachers with the training and resources (cameras, editing equipment etc.) It would probably be $10,000 to write and develop the course materials, $2,000 worth of equipment per school in the pilot roll out, plus another $15,000 in RtF staff costs to implement, monitor and refine the course during the pilot. They showed a video from Avis Richard’s company, Birds Nest Foundation, along with a clip from Adrian Grenier’s new movie. So many people came out for the event including Dylan Lauren, Chris and Richard Mack, Amanda Ross, Ali Wise, Dani Stahl, Elizabeth Kisel, Jill Amendi, Lilly Johnson, Charles Rockefeller and Marissa Noel Brown.