Bill Koch’s Nonprofit Receives Nod to Build Guardrails

Guardrails on Castle Creek Rd. near Aspen may become reality this fall, after Pitkin County Commissioners directed staff to continue working with Citizens for Castle Creek–a nonprofit founded and funded by billionaire Bill Koch–to develop the project, the Aspen Daily News reported. More than 2,000 feet of guardrail could be installed on the dangerous portions of the road. Koch owns property at the end of the windy road, which also leads to Ashcroft Ghost Town and the Pinecreek Cookhouse.

Koch first brought the idea forward in 2011, and his nonprofit will cover its cost, which is expected to be roughly $100,000. CCC’s website says the guardrails will help prevent serious accidents and “make the road safer for all users, including our children of driving age.” Multiple stretches of the protective rail will be installed from the Marolt Ranch housing complex near the roundabout to the intersection of Little Annie and Castle Creek roads.

Elk Ranch
Bill Koch’s Aspen home.

Bill Koch is an American business and part-time Aspen resident. His net worth is estimated to be more than $4 billion.