Daniel Craig Helps Unveil New Range Rover Sport In Advance of NY Auto Show


As the myriad fans of the brand may know, New York City represents the single largest market for Range Roger Sport. That’s why Land Rover chose to unveil their new Range Rover Sport here last night, on the eve of the New York Auto Show kickoff.

While guests gathered see what was in store, actor Daniel Craig was driving the new car through the city, zipping up from 8th Avenue to the event venue on 33rd. The mood was set for the big reveal, with the street closed to traffic while a lucky few got to see Craig pull up in the new Range Rover Sport. That’s right: Land Rover tapped the one and only James Bond to drive their model through the streets of New York.

Buyers and car lovers got the chance to snap a picture of the new Range Rover Sport SUV, which despite Craig’s presence was still the jewel of the party, with the revving of the car engine blending seamlessly with the music, and the vehicle on display like a piece of art. Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s Design Director and Chief Creative Officer,  said; “The all­ new Range Rover Sport truly justifies the ‘S’ in SUV. It’s dramatic and powerful with immense road presence. It’s a beautifully proportioned and highly sophisticated vehicle design. Its DNA is clear, it has ‘drive me’ written all over it.”

Agreed! Stay tuned for details and coverage of the new Range Rover Sport.