Churchill Comes to Life at New London Bar


Everywhere you look in London it’s easy to see how Winston Churchill earned his moniker as “Britain’s Greatest Briton”; the man was loved by one and all. So it comes as no surprise that one of London’s busiest business hotels has recently opened a bar in his honor.

The glamorous Churchill Bar & Terrace bar is designed to reflect Churchill’s life, both professional and personal, as well as his personal interests and love of travel. The bar’s terrace even features a life-size bronze statue of a young Sir Winston Churchill entitled “In Conversation” by prominent sculptor Lawrence Holofcener (he also created “Allies”, the instantly recognizable statue of Sir Winston and Franklin D Roosevelt seated on a bench on Bond Street).

The cocktail list is exactly what you think it would be — classic and masculine. Our favorite is the Churchill Martini, which uses the bar’s bespoke London gin, but the menu also features other timeless tipples like the Sidecar, Clover Club and Bobby Burns. The real draw here though is the impressive dark-stained oak humidor by DeArt. And you can rest assured the cigar selection is carefully curated and only the best Cuban cigars will be available. Churchill would definitely approve.

Churchill Bar & Terrace
Hyatt Regency London
30 Portman Square
London, W1H 7BH