Polaroid to Launch New Fotobar Concept Store in Delray Beach

The iconic brand, which brought itself back from the brink of extinction with help from Creative Director Lady Gaga and CEO Warren Struhl, will now take a step further with a creative brick and mortar concept. The store is designed to bring modern photography out of the digital realm and into the material world addressing the problem of photos “trapped” on devices such as phones, Instagram, on Facebook and other picture-sharing sites.

Polaroid is offering the chance for customers to print on various materials including metal, Lucite, Polaroid film and a multitude of options such as oversized art. The store will open in Delray Beach this February and be outfitted in a minimalist design approach adorned in white. There will be “Phototenders” available to assist customers. As the first store dedicated to this service of its kind, Polaroid’s shot in the dark, may just work and with 10 stores set to open in locations across the country, New York and Vegas among them, Fotobar is set to become a living experiment of where customers are taking digital photography.