Donald Trump Bans Glenfiddich Whiskey From His Resorts & Hotels

Donald Trump has gone to war with one of the world’s largest whiskey distilleries after it sponsored an award given to one of his rivals, Scottish resident Michael Forbes. The small-town farmer and fisherman previously refused to sell his family’s 23-acre property to Trump so that he could build a massive golf resort along the Aberdeen coast. The entire emotional journey was chronicled in the documentary, You’ve Been Trumped.

Last week, Forbes was voted “Scotsman of the Year” in the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards. The honor is bestowed annually to that Scot who “has made the greatest impact in furthering Scotland’s reputation at home and abroad.” Previous recipients include famed author J.K. Rowling.

“I actually thought the award should have gone to Anthony Baxter, who made the documentary,” Forbes told his local newspaper, The Scotsman. “I’ve no idea what Donald Trump will make of the award. I’m sure he’ll have something to say about it at some point.”

Instead of slinging insults, Trump has banned every brand of whiskey sold by William Grant & Sons from his resorts and hotels. “Glenfiddich should be ashamed of themselves for granting this award to Forbes, just for the sake of publicity,” Trump asserted, adding that the distillery is jealous of his own in-house single malt whiskey brand.

“Glenfiddich is upset that we created our own single malt whiskey using another distillery, which offers far greater products,” he argued. “People at our clubs do not ask for Glenfiddich, and I make a pledge that no Trump property will ever do business with Glenfiddich or William Grant & Sons.”

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