Maison Boucheron Reopens at Mall of the Emirates

The Maison Boucheron has announce the reopening of its boutique in Dubai located on Via Rodeo in Mall of the Emirates. The 40 square meter store originally opened in 2005 and is now set within a new luminous space which pays tribute to the 26 Place Vendôme boutique, in Paris, a place chosen by Frédéric Boucheron in 1893 for the exceptional sunlight it receives throughout the day.


The exterior window treatments have also been replaced and dressed with the same golden design as the boutique in Paris. A frame of etched brass was created with the playful idea of achieving harmony between the classic and the contemporary. Woven gold, French lace and Arabic wooden lattice named “moucharabieh” were sourced for the new décor. Artisans treated brass for the windows in the same manner that gold is handled in a jeweller’s workshop, using age-old techniques in molding, texturing, polishing and sculpting. The result is window displays composed of endless flowers and petals that shine and sparkle while intertwined on golden lattice. The ambiance evokes an undulating tapestry that diffuses light in the interior while reflecting it off the exterior, luring the eye to discover the pieces presented at the heart of the installations. Customers are thus led to delve into the graceful setting, evoking a play of light between the reflections of their silhouettes on the mirrored walls, which complements the gracious sparkle of the Maison’s exceptional jewellery pieces.

Boucheron is located at the Mall of the Emirates, Tel: +971 43410030.