Hermès Unveil Stunning Haute Bijouterie Collection

French fashion house Hermès is a barometer of quality; one of the few companies still manufacturing their products by hand in ateliers, everything they do takes time, passion and care. Which is good news for those who love jewelry; the company have just unveiled a stunning haute bijouterie collection.

Last night the company’s Madison Avenue flagship was the backdrop for the unveiling of 49 stunning pieces of jewelry. The collection prizes timeless, elegant materials like rose gold, white gold, diamonds and stones. The company’s incredible artisans took the creations of Hermès head designer Pierre Hardy’s imagination and brought them to life. Guests included Vogue accessories editor Selby Drummond, artist Anders Wenngren, designer Roland Nivelais, Hermès SVP Communications Peter Malachi, Hermès Senior Vice President Maureen Baltazar and CEO of Hermès USA Robert Chavez.

The resulting pieces are stunning, particularly the two miniaturised versions of Hermès’ most beloved bags: the Kelly and the Birkin. Awash with meshes of rose and white gold, sparkling with diamonds, these creations are something new entirely: they are a sac-bijou. Also noteworthy are the breathtakingly unique Nausicaa and Sac-chaine pieces. They are not just jewelry; they are art.

Photos courtesy Hermès.