Haute Interview: The Real Housewives of Miami’s Lea Black

Lea Black, my dear friend and fellow Haute Living ambassador is best known as a philanthropist and the wife of expert attorney Roy Black. Lea is also one of the Real Housewives of Miami, and can be seen on BRAVO on Thursday at 9 p.m. When asked, why she decided to do Bravo’s hit show, she said, “I look at it as fun and recreation.”

The Real Housewives franchise has become a platform to help women with already seemingly successful careers as wives, career women, doctors and more. Some go on to launch perfume lines, acting careers—you name it. Lea likes to use the show to promote her charity, The Blacks’ Annual Gala benefitting The Consequences Charity, which has raised more than $12 million since inception for kids in need. Founded by Lea, the mission is to provide educational resources and experiences for at-risk youth that include scholarships, vocational training, camps, workshops and after school activities encompassing dynamic curriculums that address culture, the arts, life skills as well as workforce preparation. The goal this year is again, Lea says, “to help a lot of kids” and what better goal than that?

I asked Lea what inspires her and she said, “The bigger picture of seeing possibilities of having the world work for everyone.” And really, after all the many years of knowing Lea, I have learned more about her positive view of life and her message to, “Pay attention to the world around you—it’s our responsibility to make it better.”

20 Questions with Lea Black

1. Where were you born?

2. What’s your style?
Love jeans and tee shirts

3. What inspires you?
The bigger picture of seeing the possibilities of having the world work for everyone.

4. Why did you decide to do Bravo’s show Real Housewives of Miami?
I look at it as fun and recreation

5. Has this changed you in any way?
Only opened my eyes a bit when I see who people are verses my previous perception of who I thought they are.

6. What is the most important thing in the world to you?
My son and husband and health.

7. Who is your favorite fashion designer?

8. What is your favorite food?
Sweet potato fries or dark chocolate covered almonds—filp a coin.

9. If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, then who would it be?
Big question—Probably the leader(s) of each country in the Middle East all at once.

10. What is your favorite color?
Hot pink

11. Who inspires you?
Inspiration is self generated.

12.  How do people inspire you? 
Because it’s the one person I was born with and will die with and this one life isn’t a rehearsal.

13. Do you think that humanity is living in a peaceful time? If yes, then why? If no, then what would you do to bring more peace to humanity?
No, it’s conflict and some peace and tranquility with an undercurrent of more conflict. Encourage people to live outside their own personal interests.

14. What is your 1 year goal?
The same as it is every year. Keep moving forward in a direction that has me feel good about who I am and where I am going. And to be aware of living in the moment.

15. What is your 5 year goal?
Same as the one hour. One day and one year goal.

16. What is the most important message you want me to communicate to my audience?
Pay attention to the world around you—it’s our responsibility to make it better.

17. What is the greatest accomplishment in your life?
My son RJ.

18. Where is your favorite place to be in the world?
Home in LA in the summers.

19. What is this year’s goal with your charity?
To raise a lot of money and help a lot of kids.

20. What is the theme?
It will evolve as the event evolves.