Burberry Debuts Digitally-Integrated Flagship Store in London

The Burberry flagship store on Regent Street has been revamped into one of the most high-tech stores ever featuring 100 screens, 500 speakers, mirrors that feature thunder claps that turn into unique runways as customers browse through the store.

‘Burberry World Live’ is the main attraction of the store that was created to reflect the Burberry’s website. Some might even say that the new high-tech store is a “walk-in-website.”In addition to the grand effects of ‘Burberry World Live’ customers can also enjoy a live stage hosting creative talent with the launch of Burberry Acoustic.

“Burberry Regent Street brings our digital world to life in a physical space for the first time, where customers can experience every facet of the brand through immersive multimedia content exactly as they do online,” Angela Ahrendts, Burberry Chief Executive Officer said. “Walking through the doors is just like walking into our website. It is Burberry World Live.”

According to Ahrendts, “We call Burberry a young, old company: forever moving forward while never forgetting our 156-year heritage. The fusion of history and innovation in Burberry Regent Street is the brand’s most comprehensive creative and commercial expression.”

The history of the latest Burberry property stems back to 1820 for the Prince Regent when it was first constructed. Over the years, the building has been home for livery stables, housed galleries, a radio broadcaster and a cinema, but for now with Burberry’s recent step into the future with their digitally-integrated flagship store, Regent has never looked better.

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