Mercedes Benz Fashion Week End of Results For AAU

It was the premiere for The Academy of Art University, at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2013 collection and they were en route to rolling out the red carpets for those crazed celebrities, paparazzi and press gossip queens! There was 8 hours until show time and stepping on the plane seemed to be delayed and migrating at a certain gate, without coffee, can definitely cause one to start an anarchy in the early am. Not to mention the thought of preparing and primping in the airport ladies lounge was not the favorite task on the agenda.
The designers,(Jarida Karnjanasirirat, Stephina Touch, Ginie C. Y. Huang, Tanja Milutinovic, Jie Jessie Liu, Yanfei Fan, Liza Quinones, Jisun Lee, Iglika Vasileva Matthews and much kudos to The French Textile Collection who collaberated with UBIFRANCE) were all in a state of frenzy! Everyone seemed to be running around like they were taking their SAT’s for the first time or fighting over the last pair of Christian Louboutin’s. The models (mannequins) are standing there waiting to be trimmed, decorated and told to march over to the runway, because show time is on its way. The setup crew was merely annoyed with all the royalty in the back and front of the house. Was royalty really at this AAU fashion premiered event? Well, not exactly royalty, but fashion industry humans seem to have that effect, in the eyes, on those non-fashion obsessed observers. It’s like the fashion industry troops are like foreign objects to the world, should they be bowed down to or receive a Nobel Peace Prize? That is a whole other campaign and can’t not be addressed on the moment, so off that note immediately!
Now, on to making an escape out of backstage, onto the front entrance to the runway and onto the first seat designated. It was like musical chairs, if you got up and thought your seat would still be there waiting…wrong answer! Now it’s time for preparation of the cameras! Get those flash buttons in order, rob the best seat available and wait for those adrenaline pumping tribal house beats to start the show. The Academy of Art University has started those tunes for the graduate’s showcase fall 2013 collections, so what was on the menu?
Well, order up! Neutral sand and champagne colors were the a la carte for the evening. Silk, wool and suede fabrics/materials were the sides for the evening and for the dessert…a sigh of relief to the Chanel inspired and Twiggy vibrant mod palette looks graced the runway. Yes, we all do love those sand embossed suede tops, taupe silk print tops, ivory white doubled faced tops, but something was missing from the catwalk. There it was, at last, Karl Lagerfeld must have been on the runway in spirit, because designer, Yanfei Fan was the next calling for a Chanel campaign. It was chic, chic and irresistibly chic! The jet black silk faille feathered dresses, black organza jackets, ivory white silk faille shorts and white sleek silk jackets, where was Lagerfeld to offer this lady a rack in Saks? The sharp cuts, edgy silhouettes, simple chic basic two color palette and a pinch of Coco Chanel, this just might be a hit for the cover of Vogue’s spring finds for 2013!
Next on the runway was Taiwan native, Ginie C. Y. Huang and it seemed as if she might have spent some time raiding Twiggy’s closet? It was a simple twist on the runway and such an anticipated wait for some color! Tart lime colors, canary yellows, tangerine oranges, mystic reds and fuchsia tropical color palettes, where was that mango margarita to go along with the the mix? The collection was more than a playful and flirty twist to the show, it was merely refreshing. Cancel all plans for the summer, kidnap Huang and her collection and haul those stilettos to that nearest tropical resort! It was a smash with the wool crepe tops, mandarin tropical wool pants and the icing on the cake…wool and organza feathered dresses! Ladies, get your tan on, legs waxed and show those stems off in this exhilarating collection. Was Twiggy somewhere to be found? Because these looks might have fallen out of her trunk and onto the catwalk!
Now as for the results of AAU’s spring collection 2013, does one think that AAU might be eligible for a spread in a major fashion magazine? Well, here’s an answer, The Academy of Art University is the only school featured in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week yearly, along with all the major iconic page turning designers featured in their regular, monthly fashion magazines, such as Vogue!