What’s On My Desk: Celeste Fierro Of The ONE Group

The next time you enjoy a full night out on the town–inaugural cocktail, dinner, late night dancing–under one roof, give credit to Celeste Fierro. As a co-owner of hospitality juggernaut The ONE Group, Fierro has helped make painting the town red more convenient with renaissance venues including Bagatelle, Tenjune, Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC,and the STK steakhouse empire. Of course, life isn’t just a party for Fierro.

Here’s a peek at the office space that makes your all-in-one nightlife occasions happen, and the desk items that power Fierro through her days.

1. The banner says “SOW HAT!” on two lines. So What. That’s certainly a phrase I often say in response to time-wasting distractions.

2. The hats and flasks are promotional items I use at consumer events and when ONE Group tests out new sample products. I’m always looking for the best quality to use.

3. To me, a BlackBerry is much more addictive than iced coffee. Generally, I drink a green juice from one of our restaurants as my daily drink for all my nutrients…just not today.

4. On the top of the bookcase is a martini bar set that a good liquor distributor sent as a holiday present last year.