Haute Toys: Floating Hotel Suite Conceptualized for Energy Autonomy

Michele Puzzolante is an Italian industrial designer who has conceptualized a floating luxury hotel suite that he claims could be self-powering thanks to dye-sensitized solar cells integrated into the suite’s walls.

The “Solar Floating Resort” would theoretically navigate its way along coastlines while accommodating up to six resident passengers. The suite would include an underwater “observation bulb” where guests can observe marine wildlife, two double and two single bedrooms with private bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, lounge area, a bridge and a hot tub on the outer deck.

Made up of two 0.6-inch layers of fiberglass reinforced balsa wood with a 11.8 inch vacuum in between, the Solar Floating Resort is 66 feet long with 1184 square feet of interior living space.

Source: Gizmag