Haute 100 Update: Matt Damon Fights for Proper Sanitation in Developing Countries

Actor Matt Damon has joined other notable names and groups like Bill Gates, Acumen, ONE, and Water for People in support of World Toilet Day. The event aims to bring awareness to the 2.6 billion people daily that struggle to find access to proper, clean sanitation facilities.

The campaign, wittily called “Talk Sh*t All Week,” actually brings to light some serious matters regarding global health. For example, the fact that children in affected and poor environments can harbor 1,000 parasitic worms in their bodies at any time.

Damon is working to bring awareness to the cause with a series of public service announcements, one of which states, “More people have a mobile phone than a toilets. Let’s cut the sh*t.”

The philanthropic actor is also co-founder of Water.org, which aims to provide clean drinking water and sanitation to developing countries that so desperately need it. “This is a challenge worthy of the next global movement,” he explained. “Similar to what was needed to sound the alarm around the fight against HIV/AIDS.”

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