Four Seasons Hosts Second Annual Virtual Wine Tasting on Twitter

Photo: Washington Examiner

The internet is now the hottest social venue – forget clubs and restaurants for parties – now you can gather all your friends using one of the many popular social media devices. The Four Seasons has caught on to this idea big time and is scheduled to host the Second Annual Virtual Wine Tasting on Twitter on Wednesday November 9 at 6:30. A full hour of tasting and tweeting on Twitter will be led by the Four Seasons’ top wine connoisseurs: James Tidwell, Brick Loomis, Dana Farner and Mark Sayre. #WineWednesday will feature a comparative tasting of the best sparkling wines for the holiday season.

Being part of a Twitter-based wine tasting will give participants the opportunity to mingle with fellow oenophiles and wine enthusiasts from all over the world.  Participate virtually by logging on to Twitter at 6:30pm PT / 9:30pm ET on November 9 and searching for the hashtag #FSWine or  join a live event by attending a Tweetup at one the participating Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Visit their official website for more details and information.